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How often do you roast?

Schedule effective 7/15:

We roast twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Orders will be roasted according to the following schedule:

  • Orders placed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday: Roasted on the following Saturday
  • Orders placed Friday, Saturday, or Sunday: Roasted on the following Tuesday


Will my coffee be fresh?

Of course!! We always roast-to-order and your coffee will be bagged shortly after being roasted and shipped out on the next available business day. We try to time our roasts and shipments so that you receive your beans within the optimal window for brewing and enjoying (starting about 7 days after roast date).


Do you ship to _______________?

Within the United States, we ship via USPS and offer a flat $4.50 shipping fee for all orders under $30. Orders $30 and up will ship free!

Outside of the U.S., we ship via USPS or DHL International. International shipping fees will apply.


When will sold-out varieties come back in stock?

It depends! Sometimes it is a matter of waiting for a new shipment of green beans to come in. In other cases, we may still be perfecting our roast profiles for a particular bean origin or chosen blend. Before we settle on a preferred method of roasting, we run several different trials and conduct lots of analysis (color, quality assurance, moisture, etc) to verify we are putting out a coffee that we can both ensure the quality of and also enjoy drinking ourselves. Sometimes that takes days, sometimes it takes several weeks. We thank you for your patience as we work to roll out new varieties and keep our offerings fresh! Subscribe on our website to ensure you are notified when we release new roasts.


How do I setup a wholesale account?

Create a new account at https://threekeyscoffee.com/account/login. Once you've completed the account setup and sent relevant resale exemption documents, we can activate your wholesale status and you will have access to the wholesale page.


How should I brew my coffee?

There is no right or wrong way to brew. Our biggest recommendation to ensure you get the best out of your cup of Three Keys is to use bottled spring water, such as Crystal Geyser or Volvic. We would not recommend using distilled or ultra-purified water as these tend to remove the minerals necessary to bring out the best flavors in your cup. Depending on your area, tap water may be a great choice. 98% of your cup of coffee is water so the type you use to brew can have a dramatic impact on the flavors you get from your cup.

French Press and Pour Overs tend to extract great flavors but no worries if you don’t have the required tools on hand for this. We test our coffee using a standard drip machine so you can’t go wrong using one of those either.


Do you sell K-Cups?

We do not sell K-Cups but you can purchase a reusable K-cup filter/adapter that you can use to add ground Three Keys Coffee in and brew using a K-cup compatible machine.