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Three Keys Coffee Ethiopia Guji "Ear Candy" Coffee Bag

Ethiopia Ear Candy - Single Origin

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URAGA, GUJI (Grade 1), Light Roast

Notes: Apricot, tropical fruits, raspberry
Region: West-Guji
Altitude: 2,100–2,350 masl
Process: Natural, sun-dried on raised beds
Species: 100% Arabica

Hailing from the birthplace of coffee, Ear Candy is infectious in nature and creates a wanting for more of this scrumptious roast. This coffee is grown among the highest elevations of the Guji zone giving it a flavor profile that is clean and sweet, reminiscent of the deep grooves and slick melodies of the delightful modern era of jazz. Sit back and enjoy this vibrant and versatile coffee using your favorite brew method.

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