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If Ella's music were a cup of coffee, it would be bright and upbeat. 

Reimagining the Flavor Wheel

What if Ella roasted coffee? We’d like to think that her coffee would exude bright and upbeat flavors. What if Miles had applied his talents to coffee instead of picking up a horn? The Three Keys Coffee Jazz + Coffee “Notes” Wheel reimagines the traditional flavor wheel concept and provides more of a synesthetic exploration of the intersection of coffee and jazz. For us, coffee is a multisensory experience and we believe that enjoying a cup of brew with poignant sounds and vibrant visuals, makes the overall experience even more sublime. Coffee, like jazz, is both something you enjoy, something you feel and something you do. It does not reside in a single dimension and it’s no coincidence that the flavors of coffee are often described with “notes”.  This is our take on the coffee wheel where taste, sound and sight intersect to provide a dynamic yet approachable representation of coffee.

The Center

At the heart of the wheel you’ll find three primary roast level descriptors—Light, Medium, and Dark. These terms are subjective by nature but at its core, all coffees can be categorized this way. 

Quadrant 1 – Light

Brew Method: V60 Pourover

Jazz Genre(s): Dixieland 

Sound: Airy and Reedy Wind Instruments (Flute, Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone); Bright Horns (Cornet, Trumpet); Soprano vocals

Color: Pink, Yellow and Orange

Aroma/Flavor: Pink rose, hibiscus, guava, grapefruit, lemon and orange (citrus)

Body/Texture: Delicate, bright, brassy, and vibrant

Complementary Coffee: Fruit-forward natural Ethiopia “Ear Candy” or natural Guatemalan “Ghost Note” with floral notes

Complementary Songs: 

Sidney Bechet – “Petite Fleur”

Ella Fitzgerald – “On the Sunny Side of the Street” 

Louis Armstrong’s – “West End Blues”

Quadrant 2 – Light / Medium

Brew Method: Chemex Pourover

Jazz Genre(s): Big Band, Swing, Bebop

Sound: Complementary horns and rhythm section; Cohesive and structured Quintet

Color: Orange, Yam, Scarlet, and Crimson 

Aroma/Flavor: blood orange, raspberry, cherry, red grape, passion fruit and red apple

Body/Texture: Vibrant, polished, balanced and sometimes relaxed. Overall well-rounded with brightness and fruitlike sweetness 

Complementary Coffee: Sweet and Citric washed Honduras “Smooth Horn Blues” or double-washed Kenya “Double AA Train” with its Citrus and Creamy qualities

Complementary Songs:

Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie – “Mohawk” 

Duke Ellington – “Take the A Train”

Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers – “Moanin”

Dave Brubeck – “Take Five” 

Quadrant 3 – Medium / Dark

Brew Method: Aeropress or Drip

Jazz Genre(s): Hard Bop, Cool Jazz, Modal Jazz

Sound: Trombone, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Muted Trumpet

Color: Maroon, Mahogany, Violet

Aroma/Flavor: Cinnamon, Caramel, Maple, Milk Chocolate

Body/Texture: Indulgent, Layered, Velvety

Complementary Coffee: Chocolate-forward Tanzanian Bourbon de Kilimanjaro or the nostalgic profile of The 33-1/3 LP Signature Blend 

Complementary Songs: 

Billie Holiday – “Strange Fruit”

Miles Davis – “So What”

Bill Evans – “Peace Piece”

Charles Mingus – “Haitian Fight Song”

Quadrant 4 – Dark

Brew Method: French Press or Espresso

Jazz Genre(s): Free Jazz, Fusion Jazz, Avant-Garde Jazz

Sound: Tuba, Double Bass, Percussive Piano; Contralto vocals

Color: Eggplant, Midnight Blue, Charcoal

Aroma/Flavor: Dark Chocolate, Cacao, Clove, Tobacco, Black Tea

Body/Texture: Heavy and robust but also can transition to a searing and tinny nature.  

Complementary Coffee: Rich depth of the Brazil “Bossa Nova” and earthy spice of the Indonesia “Steamin Sumatra”  

Complementary Songs: 

Nina Simone – “Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair” 

John Coltrane – “Giant Steps”

Thelonius Monk – “Round Midnight”

Alice Coltrane – “Journey in Satchidananda”

Explore Our Coffee via Sound, Sight, and Taste

It’s no coincidence that we describe both food and music with “notes”.

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