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This calls for some Miles Davis.

The Chemex pour over method offers a great balance in terms of ease of use and cup quality. For instance, if you wanted to dump water in it all at once, you can and will still end up with a great cup. We don’t suggest you do this, but it’s forgiving enough that you can. The glass container helps create a very clean taste with no bitterness.  Plus, it acts as its own carafe!

Pros: Easy to use, one-piece device, easy cleanup, clean taste

Cons: Paper waste with a large filter, not ideal for darker roasts, fragile construction (glass)

Ideal ratio: 1g of coffee to 15-17g of water

Grind: Medium/Coarse

Brew Time: 3-5 minutes

Taste Guide: Polished, Even, Balanced

Sound Guide: “It Never Entered my Mind” by Miles Davis

Step 1

Fold filter paper according to the instructions on your filter of choice and place it in the Chemex, making sure that the side with the three layers is facing the spout.

Step 2

Always rinse your filter with hot water.  This does a few things: 1. Gets the papery taste out of your filter (most important reason), 2. Preheats the Chemex (next most important reason), and 3. Creates a seal around the filter (least important reason).  Make sure you dump that water out before you add your coffee grounds.  

Step 3

Add your coffee grounds and press play on Miles Davis’ “It Never Entered my Mind”

Step 4

Start your timer and add twice as much water as you have coffee (ex. if you have 30g of coffee grounds, add 60g of water).  Let it bloom (it bubbles while gases are released) for 60 seconds.

Step 5

At 60 seconds, start pouring again.  Begin in the middle and make a spiral out to the edges of the grounds (try your best to always pour onto the coffee grounds, not directly onto the filter).

Step 6

Pour several times until you reach your desired yield.  The key is to try to pour at the same rate the coffee is dripping.  You can easily do this by watching the water level in the filter and making sure it doesn’t rise or fall.

Step 7

Once you’ve poured in all your water, wait for all of the coffee to stop dripping on its own.  (It’s usually frowned upon to squeeze the filter to get the water out, but we won’t judge if you do). Remove your filter with all the grounds.

Step 8

Keep an eye on your final brew time.  If it isn’t within the 3-5 minute range, that’s a sign you need to adjust your grind.  (Coarser grinds = quicker brew time; finer grinds = longer brew time.)