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Let's take a trip to "Monk's Point."

Aeropress is by far the quickest and most portable brew of methods. You might also notice that it only yields about 200ml of coffee (which is a little over half of a normal diner mug). That may not seem like a lot, but the coffee is a lot stronger that a normal cup, so you can add hot water to stretch it out, resulting in a drink similar to an Americano.  You can even pour it into cold water and add ice if you want some iced coffee! The Aeropress also offers near infinite opportunities for improvisation.

Pros: Very little paper waste, quick, portable, lightweight

Cons: Many small parts and pieces, complex brewing method, only good for one cup at a time

Ideal ratio: 1g of coffee to 10-11g of water

Grind: Very fine

Brew time: 1:10-1:20

Taste Guide: Full, Rich, Heavy 

Sound Guide: “Monk’s Point” by Thelonious Monk

Step 1

Weigh out 20g of coffee and wet your paper filter so that it sticks onto the black sieve that screws onto the bottom of the tube.

Step 2

Screw on the sieve, put the coffee into the tube, and then place the whole thing (except the plunger) on top of a coffee mug.

Step 3

Press Play on “Monk’s Point” by Thelonious Monk

Step 4

Add 40g of water and use the stirrer to stir the coffee seven (7) times.

Step 5

Wait 25 seconds.

Step 6

At 25 seconds, pour to 180g

Step 7

Stir one more time back and forth.

Step 8

Take everything off your scale (you don’t want to hurt the scale by pressing too hard).

Step 9

Put the plunger in the top and firmly apply downward pressure so as to squeeze the coffee into your cup. 

Aim to be completely done by 1:10-1:20. Adjust your downward pressure as you plunge so that it ends around that time.

Step 10

At the very end it will hiss.  Try to stop before it hisses!  It’s okay if it does, but if you can try to stop the brew before it gets there such that you retain some of the trapped steam.

Finally, before you enjoy your delicious cup, unscrew the sieve then press the plunger until the grounds come out and you hear a pop (either into the trash or over the sink).  It’s important to do this now and not wait because waiting can ruin the seal created by the plunger.

(Optional) Add a little hot or cold water to taste before drinking.