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If Dizzy, Basquiat, & Elijah McCoy roasted coffee, it would taste like Three Keys. 

Founded in 2019, Three Keys is a craft coffee roastery based out of Houston, TX. The name is inspired by the valves of the trumpet, which has been the instrument of choice for some of the most influential jazz musicians and composers. Similarly, Three Keys Coffee speaks a language that’s sophisticated yet accessible to everyone who’s willing to slow down and share a cup.

Tio Fallen, Co-Founder / Head Roaster

Preferred Brew: Long Black or Central American Single-Origin Drip

Favorite Jazz Song: It Never Entered My Mind by Miles Davis

What does Mechanical Engineering have to do with coffee roasting? Turns out--everything. A series of calculations and adjustments involving heat transfer, airflow, humidity, barometric pressure, and ambient temperature all work together to kickstart a Maillard reaction required to take grassy raw coffee beans to their palatable roasted goodness. Is your head spinning yet? Coffee roasting is both an art AND a science. With our head roaster being a musician and engineer, he's got you covered on everything from Thelonius to Thermodynamics.

Kenzel Fallen, Co-Founder

Preferred Brew: Iced Oat Milk Latte or East African Single-Origin Pourover

Favorite Jazz Song: In a Sentimental Mood by Duke Ellington & John Coltrane

Kenzel's affinity for coffee grew in lockstep with the number of stamps on her passport. Having traveled to 28 countries, including 6 coffee-producing regions (and yes she drank Luwak in Bali!), her love of a good local brew is overshadowed only by her wanderlust. When she's not mitigating corporate banking risk or chasing after the couple's two young sons, Zane and Kai, she's tending to the logistical needs of their other baby, Three Keys of course. 

How We Roast

True to the artisan nature that typifies Three Keys, our roaster machine, is hand-built, reliable, and innovative.

Made of solid cast iron and steel, the Giesen W6 is often used in roasting competitions thanks to the sturdy design and control settings, allowing for a better end-product. Three Keys utilizes Giesen's proprietary profiling technology to produce unique, high-quality, consistently flavorful coffees.

Click the image to see a current lineup of coffees roasted on our Giesen.

Explore Our Coffee via Sound, Sight, and Taste

It’s no coincidence that we describe both food and music with “notes”.

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